A kiwi playing American Football in German...

I have an opportunity to play American Football in Germany in Europe's top division. I am asking for donations to help with the airfare from Christchurch, New Zealand to Germany. New Zealand has

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New Zealand
American Football

Amy to take on the world...

2013/2014 NZ Kyokushin Champion, 2014 Australian Kyokushin Champion fundraising to help towards training/ additional costs leading up to the Kyokushin 2015 Open Worlds and the Australian 2015 title.

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New Zealand

Get me to the Arnolds!


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Sports 2000 Championship 2015

Julian Batten became involved in the world of motorsport in 2009 when he became a marshal. As a member of the British Motorsport Marshals Club (BMMC) he can be found in pit lanes up and down the count

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United Kingdom

Help us, we have no rooms for practice

This some Tae Kwon Do kids with muchs medals even in international even do not have a good practising rooms to exercise Tae Kwon Do,

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Tae Kwon Do

Merseyside Open

Darts has grown massively over the last 20 years, yet amateur players don't get the chance to shine. Help the WDA help transform the sport of darts for the players, fans and local communities.

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European Cheerleading Championship

Blue Fire is traveling to Ljubljana, Slovenia for the European Cheerleading Championship

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All I Want is to Be a Part of My School's ...

Rugby is a huge part of my school. Both male and female teams are highly successful. With this success comes notoriety, and with that comes expenses. The uniform and track jacket alone come to $136 pl

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Help Us to Join Malaysian Amateur Football...

GAJAH PERANG FC is a newly established football team in early January 2014 in an attempt to elevate the sport of football in our country-home Malaysia and start with Sportster Premier Football League

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Football / Soccer